Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Plan do You Follow?

Wow everyone! I haven't posted in SO LONG. I apologize for that!!

I hope everyone is having a phenomenal summer so far, with many more great times to come. Chad and I have been busy setting up community events for the office and we have also been able to go to Florida on a vacation with my family. The summer has been great to us!

One of the highlights to this point was the chance to visit a local orphanage and visit with the kids for a little while. Tonight, we get to continue that by going to a meeting with local orphan care teams... and Friday we will have the chance to go back to the orphanage we previously visited. I have no idea how God wants me/us to be involved with this... but please, keep us in your prayers. I know I/we have something to offer these children-- and potentially others much further away-- please pray that I listen and get placed where I need to be, whatever that role might be.

With my lack of writing lately, I am sure everyone can see how important a routine is. For a couple days, I was simply taking a break from writing because I don't think that every thought that comes into my head is worthy of reading... then, it turned into a break in my routine... and you can all see how long it has taken me to get back to it. I won't, "punish," everyone with a long post-- there is no way to catch up on everything without making it way too long to read-- but, I will be getting the routine more scheduled. Writing really does a lot for me-- and as long as one other person benefits from it, it is well worth the effort!

During my devotions this morning, I was really inspired to start writing again... so, here I am. I actually went through a few today because they were so great.. and I want to share the points from one of them with you.

"The Lord is my strength, my shield from every danger. I trust in Him with all my heart. He helps me and my heart is filled with joy." Psalm 28:7

The devotion was centered around that verse... and the premise of the whole thing was a simple question: Whose plan do you follow for your life... yours or God's?

The question seems oddly simple, but I am sure that once you reflect on it, you will find many times where you have questioned God's plan for you... or maybe you have followed your own path thinking that you could handle it on your own. I know I have done that before... and I know I will mess up and do that again.

Reflect on the pieces of your life that you need to let go of-- stop trying to control-- and then see what happens when you finally give the control over to the One who deserves it in the first place!

See, I told you I wouldn't make that too long...